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Good day to all,

As President of Am-Can International Judo Challenge, I have some sad news to pass along. Our committee has decided to cancel our tournament going forward. It was an extremely hard decision to end this great event. Not to lie, there has been a few tears.

I have been so fortunate to have been there from the very beginning, some of you as well. In 1973, my instructor, Mel Ginter and his wife Joan (whom so many of us called mom), got together with a few local clubs and decided to have a tournament and all the proceeds would go to pay another organizations Judo event debt. Even though it was not the local clubs' responsibility to pay, they all jumped on board and the first Am-Can was born. It was an immediate success. Soon the debt was paid. Judo no longer had a black eye and it was decided to continue the Am-Can and to put all the proceeds into making the tournament better so as to promote and develop Judo. With the help of so many volunteers (dignitaries and referees included) over these so many years, we have been able to put on the best tournament ever (sorry, I am biased). This tournament was started with amazing volunteers and continued successfully all these years with amazing volunteers. We had a banner year once, with over 900 competitors. It could not have happened, as in any of the others years, without so many people stepping forward to help us promote this great sport we call Judo. The coaches, parents, volunteers, referees, dignitaries, not to mention the players themselves, have made this tournament a great event year after year. Literally, people from around the world have come to be a part and help our cause. I have made some fantastic friendships over the years, as I am sure each and everyone of you have. I thank you all.

The Am-Can committee has decided to distribute our remaining money back to the Judo community that have helped and supported us all these years. We will be having future meetings on how and who should get the money. It is not much, seeing as how we have been a non for profit organization all these years, but we are paying it forward. That is how Mel and Joan would have wanted it.

So many thanks to all that have made us so great. I love you all.

Bruce Histed

President, Am-Can International Judo Challenge

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